Global Uncertainties Programme


RCUK Global Uncertainties

The RCUK Global Uncertainties programme is examining the causes of insecurity and how security risks and threats can be predicted, prevented and managed. The programme is one of six RCUK priority themes and brings together the activities of all seven UK Research Councils to better integrate current research investments as well as support new multi-disciplinary research in security. The programme fosters collaboration between academic partners and funders and a range of national and international policy makers, public bodies, non-governmental organisations, the private sector and the public.

The Global Uncertainties programme focuses on six core areas:

  • Ideologies and beliefs
  • Terrorism
  • Transnational organised crime
  • Cybersecurity
  • Threats to infrastructures
  • Proliferation of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear (CBRN) weapons and technologies

The Global Uncertainties programme runs from 2008 to 2018.

The Economic and Social Research Council is leading the programme on behalf of the Research Councils, which supports £384 million portfolio of research and activities relevant to Global Uncertainties.

Strategic Advisory Group with representatives drawn from academia, government, business and the third sector helps shape the programme’s priorities and direction.

Aims and objectives

The programme enables more effective co-ordination across RCUK and other stakeholders to maximise the impact of the activities that are funded through:

  • facilitating and supporting high-quality, interdisciplinary research that are problem-based
  • co-design, co-production and co-delivery of research and linking research base expertise with end users
  • co-operation in future strategy development with users so that activities are aligned with shared goals
  • shared horizon-scanning activities to identify and respond to emerging challenges and priorities
  • engaging with the public and other users to ensure research is addressing relevant questions and issues.

Programme funders

The Global Uncertainties programme brings together all seven of the UK Research Councils:

Programme partners

The Global Uncertainties programme works closely with other independent research organisations, research funders and policy makers and practitioners.

For more information visit the Global Uncertainties Programme website